Benefits of Travel

Be Young, Be Inspired, and Have Fun


When I was a young girl, I always loved taking trips with my mother and father. For me it was just exciting to see some place different from the city I grew up in, going to amusement parks, eating junk food, running around the lakes and beaches. After I became an adult I realized there is so much more to a vacation than just visiting another city.  The more I understood benefits of traveling, my passion grew stronger. 


Traveling to other destinations has many benefits: 

Increases overall health

People who travel at least a year show a lower risk of suffering heart attack than people who don’t.  People who travel relieve tension and stress and return home and to work in a better mood. Traveling enhances your creativity, allows you to make better decisions, and become more focused. 

Builds Confidence 

When you step outside of your comfort zone, you will develop the ability to survive in a unfamiliar surrounding.  You will learn to establish relationships with others and how to prepare yourself for future situations.  People who also take time to visit another place, also discover a sense of purpose. 

Creates a paradigm shift   

Whenever you visit another city, country, or island, you will learn to appreciate and understand people who are native of that place conduct their life a certain way. Once we begin to understand, we have an entirely different perspective.  

To Educate

There is so much more to learning about the world beyond, the classroom. Do you know which countries other than the US do not use the metric system? Do you know the origin of certain words? Traveling can give you those answers. 

If you are a person who has desire to explore other places, learn the language, customs, and people, I want to encourage to step outside your comfort zone and remember things:  BE YOUNG, BE INSPIRED, AND HAVE FUN!