Vanda Rochelle

About Vanda Rochelle 

Vanda Rochelle is the owner of Travel Without Boundaries, a travel agency . Our agency arranges all types of travel including group, and leisure travel. She is a travel agent that has been in the field since 2015. She has trained in different aspects of travel including a certification as an Jamaican Specialist, Tour Operator, and Travel Insurance Specialist.  In 2016 she has opened her own agency and works with GroupIt Travel, LLC., serving clients nationwide and abroad.

The reason for my success is that I help people turn their passion into reality. My travel philosophy is the essence of travel is discovery. I also believe that travel is more than just a place to relax, it is a learning experience.  As a result I work hard to ensure every client is able to find a travel plan that fits their budget. by offering a payment plan so that travelers can work towards their travel goals without having to worry over how to pay for it.

I stay current with the travel industry by providing updates and details on travel news, and alerts , new attractions, hotel openings and closings, airline news and mergers as well as other minor issues that a traveler may encounter. I believe every traveler should enjoy their vacation without having to deal with those minor details.

When I’m not booking trips for clients I’m involved in genealogy, and host a radio show called Travel Without Boundaries on, providing information on destinations, attractions, and travel news.  Follow me on Facebook you will see my posts on destination specials and events.  I have traveled to several places nationwide including the Caribbean. I love sharing these images with my clients, especially when they are trying to decide which resort to say at for their own vacations.

Because of my constant training and staying abreast of travel events and news, I am able to provide quality travel consultant services. Travelers can feel comfortable knowing that when they work with me, they are in great hands.

Whether your an individual or part of a group, I can handle it for you. My largest group that she coordinated was for over 100 people! So, when you are ready to plan that ideal vacation call Travel Without Boundaries.

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